Cookery School

Since we opened in 2017 our business has grown from a simple bed and breakfast to a fully-equipped cooking school. This winter winter we have further upgraded our kitchen to enable us to offer the highest standard of training to professional and lay cooks alike.

Anyone with an interest in vegan and vegetarian food will benefit from one of our classes. We are passionate about food and Natalie, our chef, will share that with you. Her aim is to inspire you, to give you the confidence to cook meat-free meals for your family, friends. If you’re running a restaurant, cafe, guest house, or other catering business this will help you develop meals and menus for your clients or guests.

Cooking School Workshops

We offer a range full and half-day workshops in addition to residential weekends. Our workshops aimed as those looking for more in-depth training, such as cooking professionals and chefs. For more information and the full list of current workshop, take a look at the  cooking workshops page.

Training for Chefs and Cooking Professionals

In addition to our workshop series, we also range of more in-depth courses over 5-days. These go into the more practical details, covering subjects like menu planning and how to introduce vegetarian or vegan options alongside meat-based dishes – or offer meat-free alternatives even your carnivorous guests will enjoy. These week-long residential courses are aimed at cooking professionals and chefs but are open to anyone. They are particular suited for anyone running a chambre d’hote, guest house, or outdoor catering business. For more information, see the training for chefs and professionals page.

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