Foraging and Cooking Wild Plants

foraging workshop


June 14, 2022

Event Time:

9:30 am

foraging weekend

This area is fantastic for foraging wild edible plants. There’s not much intensive agriculture and lots of the land has been left to run wild which leaves an amazing diversity of plants to collect. Many of them you’ll have seen in hedgerows but probably are not aware that they’re edible, or how tasty they can be.

The day will start at 9.30 here at Le Cheval Blanc and we’ll be heading straight out with local botanist Stephane to collect plants. He’ll decide where we go depending on where’s best on the day, which may involve a short drive. There’s a small amount of walking, but it’s all very easy – there’s so much to forage that you never have to move far. Then we’ll return to base and cook what you’ve collected. The workshop finishes with a meal based around what we’ve foraged.

We’ll also cover how go foraging responsibly so that you don’t damage the plants or take too much. It’s important that what we do in the countryside is sustainable.

Normally I’d say what we’re going to cook, but of course that depends on what you forage! But don’t worry, there will always be plenty we can work with and Stephane will make sure that everything is safe (and delicious). However we use the often strong flavours foraged plants have to add a new dimension to dishes you may already be familiar with. Customer favourites include sorrell and nettle paté which tastes very citrusy and a nettle and nasturtiun pizza which has a distinctive peppery flavour.

Many of the plants you’ll learn about are common, so you’ll be able to use the knowledge you gain today to forage for yourself.

This workshop is suitable for English and French speakers. If you can bring a basket, gardening gloves, a small trowel and a small kitchen knife, that would be very helpful.

Price is €50 per person + €20 paid direct to Stephane.

Please note that no dogs are allowed during either the foraging or the workshop

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Available Dates / Dates disponibles

  • June 14, 2022 9:30 am   -   3:00 pm
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