Vegan streetfood has turned out to be our most popular offering. We ought to call it vegan junk food, but somehow we can’t bring ourselves to call it that, because while it’s inspired by the junk food that people love, it’s actually made from delicious, wholesome ingredients.  Perhaps a little too much of it is deep fried though….

I’m writing a series of these blog posts to give a flavour of the sort of dining you can expect when you come here.  However I’m a very restless cook so I’m constantly re-inventing my repertoire, and here in France produce is highly seasonal, so what’s on your plate will always reflect what was best at the market that week, never something flown in from the other side of the world.  We’re also open to requests.  If there’s something you’d particularly like, just let us know.

We always offer a welcome apero of something local and fizzy and there’s wine provided with the meal, or if you prefer, something non-alcoholic.

Starter is Natalie’s legendary Cauliflower Buffalo Wings.  These have won over quite a few meat eaters to idea of eating vegan food, so they are quite addictive!  We serve them with garlic cashew cream and a well flavoured salad.  This dish has become a staple of vegan ready meals in the UK and US, but ours are home-made of course.  We think they’re not substantial enough for a main course, but they make a perfect starter.

vegan street food streetfood

The main course is of course a burger.  Our most popular are made with jackfruit, something of a rarity in France.   Jackfruit works as a burger because of it’s substantial, satisfying texture.  We find the texture gives meat eaters what they think vegan food lacks, but for vegans it’s not like eating a meat substitute.  Flavour wise, jackfruit is very good at absorbing other flavours, but it has a subtle and unique flavour all of it’s own.  Buns are specially made for us by our local boulangerie, and we serve the dish with home made fries and vegan Aioli.  We normally offer a choice of burger, lentil and mushroom is a popular alternative, but there are many other possibilities.

vegan streetfood

Dessert varies, but might be vegan cheesecake, vegan chocolate mousse or one of Natalie’s other sumptuous vegan creations.

Vegan Table d'hôte

So there you go, our vegan streetfood menu.