I’ve been experimenting with vegan mayonnaise for some time.  Most recipes I’ve found have been faffy and messy, usually with disappointing results.  Often recipes say to be mixing constantly while adding oil a drop at a time, and 20 minutes later you have an oily mess which then separates.  I then got some inspiration from a video in which the chef uses an all-in-one method with a stick blender in which the vegan mayonnaise magically comes together in a couple of seconds.  The texture and look was perfect but the taste wasn’t what I was looking for, so after a bit of tweaking I came up with a recipe which combined the right creaminess with the right tanginess.

This recipe deals with all those problems in one go.  It takes literally a couple of minutes to whizz up thanks to the all-in-one method and when it’s done you can put in in a jar in the fridge and it’ll keep for at least a week.

3 tablespoons of aquafaba
3 teaspoons of Dijon mustard
1 table spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar
1/4 teaspoon of salt
275 ml of a neutral oil (I usually use sunflower oil, but definitely not olive oil as the taste dominates the finished mayonnaise

Put into a bowl and mix with a stick blender, after just one minute you have lovely creamy mayonnaise… enjoy 😊

This mayonnaise can be the base for many different dips.  Add minced (or confit which I’ll cover soon) garlic for Aioli, harissa for something a bit more spicy or palm hearts/Nori for a vegan version of tuna mayo (I’ll cover this later too)

vegan mayonnaise

This recipe is so simple there’s really no excuse not to make your own vegan mayonnaise.  Not only that, it’s made entirely (well, apart from the salt!) from wholesome ingredients.

It’s worth knowing about even if you’re not vegan.  I can’t detect any difference in taste but it’s much easier to make and less likely to go wrong than the conventional version.


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