Demand for vegan food is exploding much faster than chefs can acquire the skills they nee. In order to produce high-quality vegan food to customers, there is an increasing demand for training for chefs and professionals. Too often restaurants feel compelled to offer vegan options because the demand is clear, but staff find themselves unable to offer the same quality they would on their previous menus. Offerings may lack taste, be unsatisfying or simply be dishes vegans are tired of eating. This creates an uncomfortable choice for food outlets. Either turn away business or serve sub-standard food.

Training is of course the answer to this problem. But such is the demand for vegan chef training that it’s difficult to find a place. Here at Le Cheval Blanc we’ve been offering our customers gourmet vegan food for three years and have quickly built a reputation for some of the best plant based meals in the region.

Now we’re building on our success by opening the doors to our cooking school. We cater for vegan holidaymakers during the summer months and in winter we open our doors to professionals.

What will you Learn?

Our offer to professionals is bespoke. We start with the basics, including the novel ingredients and techniques vegans use to replicate or imitate traditional dishes. This would include vegan pastry, aqua faba, jackfruit, creamy and cheesy sauces. We also look at vegan staples such as tofu and seitan, exploring how to make them delicious.

We work with you to develop dishes for your vegan menu. With Natalie’s help you’ll be able to produce those dishes to the standard expected of a professional kitchen. We’ll also help you with scaling your cookery, for catering events and parties. The knowledge you gain will enable you to develop your own dishes in future, keeping your vegan menu fresh and innovative.

We can also tailor courses specifically to your needs. If are interested in specific dates or have an interest not covered by one of our schedule classes, get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss these with you.

About Le Cheval Blanc

Our courses for chefs and professionals are residential. You will stay in our beautiful 16th century auberge in the heart of one of St Antonin Noble Val, one of southwest France’s most beautiful villages. Being located in the town means it’s easy to explore the local shops, restaurants, markets and other tourist sites.

We’re around an hour from Toulouse airport and can help with transfers, so getting here is no problem.